Lazzara1999 - A Human Histologic Analysis of Osseotite and Machined Surfaces Using Implants with 2 Opposing Surfaces

EarlyLoading - Early Loading of Osseotite Implants 2 Months After Placement in the Maxilla and Mandible A 5-year Report

BoneImplantContact - Bone-Implant Contact and Bone Quality Evaluation of Expected and Actual Bone Contact on Machined and Osseotite  Implant Surfaces

Gross1995 - An Investigation on Heat Transfer to the Implant-Bone Interface Due to Abutment Preparation with High-Speed Cutting Instruments

Davies1998 - Mechanisms of Endosseous Integration

ZD1307 - Zimmer® Zfx™ CAD/CAM Abutments

ZBINST979 - The Parallel Walled Surgical Kit & Component Assembly

ZB0186 - Tapered SwissPlus® Implant System

ART1048 - Certain Implant System Ordering Information

ART1235 - T3 Ex. Hex Implant Brochure

ZB0001 - T3 ImplantBrochure

1138 - Zimmer Dental’s Internal Friction-Fit Connection

4858 - SwissPlus Product Catalog

1011 - Zimmer Instrument Kit System Brochure

INST1096  -QNTSK - Surgical Kits & Components Assembly Brochure

ART1234 - Slim Kit Brochure

ART1270 - Implantmed Surgical Drill System Brochure

4844 - SwissPlus Implant Datasheet

MKT1109 - CHAIRSIDE  Attachment Processing Material Brochure

4835 - Spline Dental Implant

4764 - Spline Prosthetic Detail Sheet

INST1191 - OSSEOTITE Tapered Certain Implant Data Sheet

INST1150 - OSSEOTITE 2 Implant Brochure

ART680 - OSSEOTITE Implant Brochure

ZB0008 - Eztetic Implant System Data Sheet

ZB0004 - Eztetic Dental Implant System Brochure

ZB0002 - T3 Short Implant Brochure

ZD1701 - TSV MP-1 HA Implants Data Sheet

ZD1297 - Zimmer MP-1 HA Technology Brochure

ZBINST1639 - Eztetic Implant System Catalog and Surgical Technique

ZD1357 - Trabecular Metal Implant Data Sheet

2396 - Trabecular Metal Technology Brochure

5986 - Trabecular Metal Dental Implant Brochure

1336 - Drill Stop Kit Brochures

2659 - Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System Family Brochure

INST819 - RegenSafescraper TWIST Cortical Bone Collector

ART1250 - RegenePro Collagen Wound Care Brochure

4903 - GemLock Touchless Delivery System Brochure

4773 - Single-Patient Drills Data Sheet

5017 - Driva Drills Data Sheet

INST1054 - Advanced Cutting Technology (ACT) Drills Sell Sheet

INST956 - Advanced Cutting Technology (ACT) Drills Brochure

1347 - Zimmer Guided Surgery


ART1018 - Provisional Components Brochure For Certain Internal & External Connection

INSTSUR - Biomet 3i - Certain & External Connection Surgical and Site Preparation Product Catalog

4857 - Spline Implant Product Catalog

ZD1006 - Immediate Placement, Grafting and Provisional, Non-Occlusal Loading of an Implant in the Maxillary Canine Region: Case Report.

A985 - Zimmer® Contour Ceramic Abutments

ZD1380 - Zimmer® Tapered Screw-Vent® Implant: Success Stories in Stability and Survival Rates

A825 - Histomorphometric Evaluation of Six Dental Implant Surfaces After Loading in Augmented Human Sinuses

A904 - Three-Year Analysis of Tapered Screw-vent Implants Placed into Extraction Sockets Grafted with Mineralized Bone Allograft

ZB0134_T3 Short Implants Clinical Guidelines

ART971 -  A Clinical Report on the 18 Month Cumulative Survival Rates of Implants and Implant Prostheses with an Internal Connection Implant System

ART1175 - Summaries of Scientific Publications BIOMET 3i NanoTite Implants

ART1171 - JIRD-The OSSOETITE 2 Certain Implant A One-Year Interim Report On A Prospective Clinical And Radiographical Study

ART970 - Summary Of Published Research Studies On The OSSEOTITE Implant System

ART1196 - JIRD Special Supplement - Summaries of Scientific Publications -Biomet 3i PREVAIL Implants

ART1090 - Clinical Perspectives - Revised Drilling Guidelines for Parallel Walled Dental Implants

ART1185 - JIRD - Editorial Implants System Design and Its Potential Impact on the Establishment and Sustainability of Aesthetics

ART1238 - JIRD - Suppliment Peri implant disease Implant surface Summaries of Select Scientific Publications

ART1226 - JIRD Special Reprint - Mastering Aesthetics In Post Extraction Sites

ART1205 - Dynamic Loading Fluid Leakage Characterization of Implants Systems

ART1220 - Dental Implant System Design and the Potential Impact on Long Term Aesthetics: A Review of the 3i T3 Tapered Implant

ART1222 - Implant Surface Characterization Comparison Case Studies and Clinical Evidence

Testori, 2001 - A Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study of the Osseotite Implant Four-Year Interim Report

360_EN - EAO Effect of Abutment Screw Design on the Seal Performance of an External Hex Implant System Poster

2096 - Trabecular Metal White Paper: Overview of Design_and_Development

6685 - Trabecular Metal Implant Scientific Compendium

ZD1191 - Clinical Cases Studies CopiOs Extend Compendium

ART1042 - Navigator Clinical Perspectives

ART1099 - Accelerated Rehabilitation Of The Edentulous Maxillae A Case Presentation

Biological Space from an Implant and Aesthetic Perspective - The Concept of “Platform-switching” 

A New Implant Design For Crestal Bone Preservation Initial Observations And Case Report

ART1081 - NanoTite Tapered Dental Implants Review and Clinical Results

INST1080 - BellaTek Encode Impression System Laboratory Recommendations

INST1122 - BellaTek Encode Impression System Restorative Recommendations

INST1161 - BellaTek IOS and The 3M True Definition Scanner Clinician Procedure

INST1149 - Tapered Navigator System For Guided Surgery Procedure And Laboratory Manual

INST1082 - Navigator Model-Based Surgery Manual 

1009 - Zimmer Instrument Kit System Reference Guide & Zimmer One-Piece Surgical Protocol

INST1247 - LOCATOR Overdenture Implant System Manual

5155R - SwissPlus Implant Technique Manual

4788 - Spline Implant System Surgical Manual

INST972 - Subcrestal Tapered Implant Placement Protocol - Certain Internal & External Connection Parallel Walled Implants

INST974 - Quick Reference Subcrestal Surgical Protocol Certain Internal & External Hex Connection Parallel Walled Implants

INSTSM - Biomet 3i Surgical Manual For Tapered and Parallel Walled Implants

ZBINSTMT3S - T3 Short Implant Manual

INST1253 - T3 Clinical And Technical Insights Quick Reference

ZBINST5000 - T3 Short Implant Quick Reference Surgical Guide_

ZBINST1639 - Eztetic Implant System Catalog and Surgical Technique

6679 - Trabecular Metal Implant Surgical Technique Guide

7458A - Zimmer One-Piece Surgical & Restorative Manual

7413 - Packing for Zimmer One-Piece Implant

1295 - Zimmer Surgical Options Guide

ART939 - QSD Tapered Implant Manual

ART1201 - Biomet 3i Low Profile Abutment Bone Profiles Recommended Guidelines

INST561 - Biomet 3i Bone Profiling Recommended Guidelines

1349 - Zimmer Guided Surgery Technique Guide

5161 - Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System Manual

SealStudyZSAO2012 - A Novel Method for Assessing Implant-Abutment Connection Seal Robustness

StachKenealy - Outcomes From A Retrospective Study of 626 Sequential Cases of BIOMET 3i Tapered Implants

ISO14801 - An Evaluation of Strengths of Various Dental Implant Systems from Standardized Fatigue Testing

Vertica DisplacementAO2012 - A Theoretical Analysis of Component-Level Vertical Restorative Error

ReddyUABAO2011 - A Prospective Randomized-Controlled Study of BIOMET 3i Tapered Implants Placed by Students in Graduate Programs

ZD1124 - European Multicenter Studies of a Porous Tantalum-Titanium Implant: One-Year Interim Results

ZD1436 - Multicenter Studies of Trabecular Metal Dental Implants: 2- Year Interim Results

Lazzara1999 - A Human Histologic Analysis of Osseotite and Machined Surfaces Using Implants with 2 Opposing Surfaces

ZB0028  - BellaTek Laboratory Solutions Brochure

2091 - SlimPlant Treatment Planning Software

ART1145 - BellaTek Bars & Frameworks Design Options And Interface Compatibility

ZB0033 - BellaTek Surgeon Solution Brochure

ZB0027 - BellaTek Gold-Colored Nitride-Coated Abutments

ZBINST1059 - BellaTek Encode Impression System Brochure

ART1052 - External Connection Implant Systems Ordering Information

ART1060 - Soft Tissue Sculpting With A PreFormance Post For Fabrication Of A Patient Specific Restoration With Encode Complete

Case Presented By: John A. Ruel, DMD, MScD

INST363 - Design Matrix Requirements for Lab Designed Abutments

INST1079 - BellaTek Encode Impression System Clinician Procedure

ART1145E - BellaTek Bars Design Options and Interface Compatibility

ART1060 - Soft Tissue Sculpting With A PreFormance Post For Fabrication Of A Patient Specific Restoration With Encode Complete

INST1187 - Sirona Dental Lab Flyer

INST1156 - BellaTek IOS and the iTero System Clinician Procedure

INST1122 - BellaTek Encode Impression System Restorative Recommendations Poster

INST1147 - BellaTek IOS & The Sirona Connect System Clinician Procedure

INST1166 - 3M True Definition Scanner

ZBINST868 - BellaTek Bars & Frameworks Manual

Jomi - Marginal Accurancy of Three Dental Implant-Cermaic Abutment Configurations

6020 - A Comparative Study of Root Coverage Using Two Different Acellular Dermal Matrix Products

Lazzara1999 - A Human Histologic Analysis of Osseotite and Machined Surfaces Using Implants with 2 Opposing Surfaces

6345 - IngeniOs™ HA Synthetic Bone Particles

7470 - Puros® Dermis Allograft Tissue Matrix

4762 - CollaTape,® CollaCote™ & CollaPlug®

4743 - BioMend® & BioMend® Extend™ Absorbable Collagen Membranes

ZB0062 - OsseoGuard® & OsseoGuard Flex® 

1282 - Puros® Demineralized Bone Matrix

ART1258 - Smile Beautifully - With Sustainable Aesthetic Solutions Brochure

ZB0058​ - RegenerOss Allograft Brochure

ZB0061 - RegenerOss Allograft Putty Plus Data Sheet

ZD1456 - RegenaVate Data Sheet 

5865 - Puros Pericardium Data Sheet

ZB0021 - CopiOs Extend Membrane Data Sheet

ZD1371 - RegenaVate Formable DBM Data Sheet

ZD1456 - Regenavate DBM Fill data Sheet

ZD1132 - BioMend & BioMend  Extend  Absorbable Collagen Membranes Data Sheet

ZB0152 - NovaBone Osteostimulation Data Sheet

ZB0153 - NovaBone Dental Putty Brochure

6346 - IngeniOs ß-TCP Bioactive Synthetic Bone Particles Data Sheet

6360 - IngeniOs HA Technical Data Sheet

ART1137 - Endobon Xenograft Brochure

9052 - CopiOs Pericardium Membrane Data Sheet

ART1240 - Comprehensive Tissue Management Treatment Solutions

ART1256 - Smile Healthy - With Peri-Dental Implant Health Management Solutions Brochure

2333 - Regenerative Portfolio Brochure

6153 - Puros Cortico Cancellous Particulate Allograft Data Sheet

5588 - Puros Cortical Particulate Allograft Data Sheet

4853 - Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft Data Sheet

5587 - Puros Block Data Sheet

ART1072 - BIOMET 3i’s Comprehensive Line Of Regenerative Products Brochure

6651 - Comparison Of A Synthetic And Bovine Derived Hydroxyapatite Bone Graft Substitute

A727 - Clinical, Histologic, and Histomorphometric Evaluation of Mineralized Solvent-dehydrated Bone Allograft

6601 - Novel ceramic bone replacement material Osbones in a comparative in vitro study with osteoblasts

ZB0064 - OsseoGuard® Resorbable Collagen Membrane 

6483 - Demineralized Bone Matrix in Extraction Sockets: A Clinical and Histologic Case Series

6020 - A Comparative Study of Root Coverage Using Two Different Acellular Dermal Matrix Products

4738- Solvent-degydrated cadaveric dermis: a new allograft for pubovaginal sling surgery

ZD1218 - A Comparative Study Of Zimmer BioMend and Biomend Extend Made At Two Different Manufacturing Facilities

ART1047 - Introducing RegeneOss Grafting Materials

ZB0119 - NovaBone Dental Putty Clinical Publication

4738 - Solvent degydrated cadaveric dermis

ZBINST0001 - Socket Repair Membrane Tech Guide

5575 - Puros Block Allograft Surgical Technique

1088 - Regen Application Guide

ZD1457 - RegenaVate DBM Handling Instructions

1615 - Puros® Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)

SealStudyZSAO2012 - A Novel Method for Assessing Implant-Abutment Connection Seal Robustness

Lazzara1999 - A Human Histologic Analysis of Osseotite and Machined Surfaces Using Implants with 2 Opposing Surfaces

Abstract06 - Platform Switching A New Concept In Implant Dentistry For Controlling Postrestorative Crestal Bone Levels

IOJOMImmediate - Immediate Provisional Restoration of Osseotite Dental Implants A Clinical Report of 18-month Results

Testori2003 - Immediate Occlusal Loading of Osseotite Implants in the Completely Edentulous Mandible

ImmediateLoading - Immediate Loading of Osseotite Dental Implants A Case Report and Histologic Analysis After 4 Months of Occlusal Loading

IOJPerioHealing - Healing of Osseotite Implants Under Submerged and Immediate Loading Conditions in a Single Patient A Case Report and Interface Analysis After 2 Months


1087 - Hex-Lock® Short Abutment & Restorative System

ZB0041_FlexLink® TiBase

ZB0005 - Gold Tile Screw with SureSeal Technology Brochure

ART1048 - Certain Implant System Ordering Information


ART710 - GingiHue Abutments Brochure

broAngledTapAbutDataSheet6192 - Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutment Data Sheet

broCeramics4919 - PureForm® Ceramics System Brochure

tsv-contcer7099 - Zimmer® Contour Zirconia Abutments Data Sheet

ZD1638 - eztetic-implant-brochure

4860 - Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System Catalog

4857 - Spline Implant Product Catalog

A1087 - Single Tooth Restorations with a Screw-Retained, Combined Crown-And-Abutment Prosthesis

ZD1078 - Tilted Implants for a Mandibular Hybrid Prosthesis

ART981 -  Clinical Indications for Immediate Restorations of Implants Using PreFormance® Provisional Components

PureFormWPA581 - PureForm® Ceramics System Clinical Case Study

1265 - Zimmer® Plastic Temporary Abutments: Cement-Retained Restoration

A1015 - Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutments: Restorative Solutions for Tilted Implant Protocols

ART1201_EN - Low Profile Abutment Bone Profiles Recommended Guidelines

INSTRM - Restorative Manual

sp_singleUnit - Single unit Restoration Using Spline® PreAngled Fixed Abutments and Direct Gold Coping

sp_overdent - Overdenture Restoration Using Spline® Shoulder Abutments

sp_oring - Spline® O-Ring Attachments, Non-Engaging

guidImpres - Closed and Open Tray Impressions

broCeramicsGuide4920 - PureForm® Ceramics System Restorative Manual

ContourCerAbutment9046 - Zimmer® Contour Zirconia Abutments Restorative Guide

5519 - Locator® Overdenture Attachment Processing Technique